Almost Late (2012)

In Spring of 2012, I had made my first Short film for a film production class. The assignment was to create a 2-3 minute film completely MOS and have a character go from point A to Point B. It had to be shot on black and White Reversal Film to teach us exposure and to show us how there is little room for error when setting the aperture for this particular film stock. This film is about a man who wakes up late and needs to rush to his job. He grabs his clothes and hops out the door hoping to make it in time for the big meeting. Music was inspired from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I thought it would fit perfect for the film. It was shot in 2 days total and was originally edited on a Steenbeck film editing table. Was then later transferred to digital. This gave me the experience of how films used to be done by splicing film together. Not as easy as it looks but glad I got the experience. Enjoy the film.



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